Why my blog is anonymous

Photo by Felipe Moutinho on Pexels.com

If you couldn’t already tell by my name, the title or the fact that I don’t show my face on all of my socials (Follow me on my Insta, Twitter and Pinterest) I’m a pretty anxious person. It’s kind of become my shtick. I’m not planning on revealing my identity for quite some time. But, I thought that maybe I should explain why I am doing this.

I started this blog because I wanted to find some way to express my feelings and to get my voice heard. See this as some sort of online journal of me going through the early stages of adulthood. The reason why I decided to hide my identity was because I’m scared of what other people would think of it. The thought of people reading this and making fun of it kinda scares me. Especially since I’m a media & communications student. You have no idea how many times I compare myself to other students who can write way better than me.

Another reason I hide my identity is because the thought of an anonymous blogger kind of intrigues me. Picture this: a mysterious blogger who writes about her mysterious life. Doesn’t that sound exciting? I’m living my own Hannah Montana dream life. I can write what I want and keep it anonymous. That sounds like the best of both worlds.

Hopefully you can now understand the whole essence of this blog. I hope you enjoyed this.

Yours truly,


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