The life of a lonely student

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Picture this: After a long year of hard work, you’ve finally finished high school, and now you can finally go to college (or university or any other further education that is available for you). You’re excited to begin a new stage of life and to meet new people. But then, right before the first day of school, you get an email from school: “We have decided, in accordance with the government’s call, to no longer offer education on locations. (…) This also means that first-year-students sadly have to do their introductions online.” At first, you think: “Oh I don’t mind, the commute between my house and school is pretty long, so maybe it’s good that I stay home. As long as everybody is safe, right?”

Days turn into weeks turn into months and suddenly, right before the holidays, the government decides to put the whole country into lockdown. Everything to keep us safe, right? Now, I am not the kind of girl who goes out clubbing or drinking every week. You’re actually talking to the girl who LOVES being alone. But lately, it’s starting to feel a little lonely. I barely had a social life before the Covid-19, and now it has only gotten worse, I don’t even know anyone from my school, and schoolwork has been very stressful and confusing to me. In the meantime, the country has fallen apart because of some idiots who disagree with the government and the Covid-19 restrictions.

I don’t disagree with the government. Like I said, everything to keep us safe, but I feel that most people don’t think about us, students/young adults. The lockdown has given us a lot of stress and anxiety and no one seems to care about us. They think a special concert with semi-famous people or a bowl of soup will work, but it doesn’t. We just want them to listen to us. I wish this will end soon, but that probably won’t happen.

I hope things will get better soon and that everything will be safe again, but right now, I’m not that optimistic about the future.

Sorry if this is a little long and maybe a bit too personal. This is something that has been on my mind for a while and I wanted to get it off of my chest.

Yours truly,



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