Single? On Valentine’s Day?

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Aaah Valentine’s day. The day of romance and love, or the day of sadness because you’re alone while everyone else is too busy with their s.o. Honestly I never really cared about it. I’ve been single my entire life and I didn’t mind. Being alone isn’t that bad and giving the current circumstances, most of us will be spending the day at home. I’ve made a special list of fun activities to do when you’re home alone on V-day.

1. At home spa day

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Get all the beauty products that you can find: Face masks, nail polish, body scrubs, light some candles, put on some relaxing “spa appropriate” music, and give yourself a nice spa day. These days can be super stressful so this is the ideal way to destress.

2. Movie marathon

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Sometimes, all you need is to watch some cheesy romantic movies (or anything besides that) to cheer you up. You could also just binge your favorite Netflix show the whole day. Whatever floats your boat. Here are some of my recommendations:

  • La Belle et la Bête (2014) –> for those who love fairytales, and for those who were a little disappointed with the live-action Disney version.
  • The Love Witch (2016) –> for anyone who loves the 60s aesthetic and for those who would want something a bit more feminist.
  • The Phantom Of The Opera miniseries (1990) –> For anyone who loves the musical or period dramas. This version doesn’t have any musical numbers and it is very different compared to the musical, but it’s really good.

3. Date for one?

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Who needs a date? Especially now, where you can barely meet anyone? How about you take yourself out on a date? Turn off your phone and make this day all about you. Go out for a walk, buy yourself a nice gift, make yourself a great dinner (or order one), drink a nice large glass of wine, etc. Maybe you could treat yourself later in the evening? You deserve this!

4. Give love

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Instead of receiving love, why not give it to others? Give someone you love a sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s day card or give someone a fresh bouquet of flowers. We all need a little love these days and it doesn’t have to be romantic. It can also mean friendship or family. Cheer someone up!

5. (online) Galentine’s day

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Instead of being all alone, why not organize something fun with your friends? If it’s possible to meet in person, why not do any of these suggestions together? (socially distant of course!). Or you could meet up online and do something fun together!

Remember, you shouldn’t feel pressured to be with someone. You should put yourself first. Like the wise Rupaul always says “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell can you love somebody else?” Amen!

Currently, I don’t have anything planned for Valentine’s day, I don’t think I will do anything special though. What are you gonna do on Valentine’s day?

Yours truly,


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